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NQT Programme Day 3

This event will take place between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on 27/01/2021.

NQT Early Career Programme Day 3

This structured programme has been designed as a professional development tool for those teachers in the early stages of their careers. The programme is a 2-year package which takes NQTs through their NQT and RQT years.

Day 3 will be a specialist Behaviour Conference with Educational Consultant Jason Bangbala.

This event will be held remotely, on Teams from 2pm - 4pm

The Early Career Programme will cover the following aspects over the 2 years:

  • NQT entitlements
  • Role of the mentor
  • Effective use of NQT time
  • Teacher Standards – what are they/what do they mean?
  • Safeguarding
  • Behaviour Management Strategies
  • Setting and maintaining high expectations of behaviour and learning
  • Understanding how students learn
  • Working memory/cognitive load
  • Supporting pupils with a range of needs e.g. SEND, EAL
  • Integration of IT to support teaching and learning
  • Structure of lessons
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Effective feedback
  • Assessment
  • Data Analysis and how to use this effectively/Curriculum design
  • Monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Preparing to be a subject leader

Central training will be led by teachers and leaders across the Trust in order to share best practice. Training events will also provide valuable networking opportunities.