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Learning Alliance

Year 2 Development Day

This event will take place between 9:30am and 1:30pm on 11/01/2021.

Venue TBC

At these conferences there will be an element entitled ‘Assessment Accuracy Check’ which replaces the previous moderation sessions that ran 2-3 times per year for each year group.  Courses delegates will review examples of work and the assessed ‘level’ of pupils whilst paired with colleagues from other academies / regions.  Delegates will be required to bring evidence of pupils work and other supporting evidence of their judgments such as test scores, video evidence of reading and observation / discussion notes within each subject area: Reading, Writing and Maths for pupils at the following assessed ‘levels’

· Lowest on track for GDS

· Highest on track for EXS

· Lowest on track for EXS

· Highest INT


An electronic feedback form will be completed for each pupil.  The outcomes of these forms will be returned to the relevant academy for leaders to review the accuracy check outcomes.  Please bring an electronic device that allows you to use MS forms.



The remainder of the day will be dedicated to sharing best practice, time to talk and listen to other practitioners across the Trust sharing specific teaching and learning strategies on key areas of development.