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PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Developing Excel Skills

This event will take place between 9:30am and 3:30pm on 06/03/2019.

Venue TBC

The day aims to give practical training on how to make best useĀ of some of the facilities of MS Excel. The day will recap theĀ basics of MS Excel and then moves on to work on more
advanced techniques.

  • Navigating excel/menus Moving and copying data
  • Searching and sorting data Filtering
  • Cell formatting Using multiple worksheets
  • Useful shortcuts Simple formulas (=SUM) etc
  • Adding and removing cells/row/columns etc

More advanced:

  • More advanced formulas IF statements
  • Pivot tables and charts V Lookup
  • Conditional formatting Data validation
  • Trim, concatenate, left/right functions etc
  • Using graphs to present data/reporting
  • Creating drop down menus