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Learning Alliance

CONFERENCE: Leadership with Marcus Child

This event will take place between 9:30am and 3:30pm on 28/03/2019.

Belton Woods Hotel, Grantham, NG32 2LN - Hawthorn Suite

Marcus is an unstoppable person. A rock climber, mountaineer, caver, footballer, adventure fisherman and father of three.
Former English Literature Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Management Consultant he now travels the world sharing his ideas with people who want to achieve growth, success and
happiness at work and beyond.
Marcus’s emphasis on exploiting work as an opportunity for self improvement as well as commercial success means that the new habits he trains are practised in the minds and relationships of people – at work and beyond – long after his programmes are complete.
He speaks in workshops and on conference platforms with pace, humour and exceptional energy. He has helped an astonishing number of CEOs, MDs, boards, business teams, sportspeople, politicians, teenagers and people living with health challenges realise bold and extraordinary goals.
Highly recommended and a great catalyst for behavioural change, Marcus is a much sought after national speaker who should not be missed!