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Female Leaders Conference 2019

We Rise By Lifting Others

“Empowering leaders, particularly women is crucial and has spurred me on in my own personal journey. Thanks for the opportunity, greatly appreciated and a privilege to be in a supportive environment.”

The delegate feedback spoke volumes about our 2019 Annual female Leaders Conference on the 7th of March. Warm, positive, empowering and uplifting with an important message at the heart.

Delegates were treated to a welcoming keynote from Joy Marsden who really is an expert who speaks, not just a speaker with topics. Joy is founder and creator of the Keep Stepping Principles - a proven leadership development model for teams and individuals. Her mission is to help people lead themselves beyond current limitations and deliver their absolute best in times of challenge and change. Her keynote was funny, heartwarming and positive – her message ‘Keep Stepping’ is one to stay with us, as will the memory of her family’s incredible singing which was shared as part of her speech!

Karen Rose, Director of Ambition School leadership led a fantastic session on how to lift others up, how to make progress as an aspirant leader, how existing leaders can support future leaders on the journey plus gender imbalances in the education sector and what we can do about it. No more imposter syndrome!

Delegates then embarked on a session with GAT Education Director Emma Hadley on how to build successful teams, which involved building the highest tower constructed of dolly mixtures, marshmallows and spaghetti, won in a whitewash victory by an Eeast Coast collective team, self titled the ‘Skeggy Spaghetti Superstars’ who made it to the 1 metre mark!

In the course of a long conference day, there can come a lull in the afternoon, when delegates have had a busy morning and a good lunch – Not the case at this conference.

Delegates were held spellbound by our afternoon keynote speaker. For the past 12 years, Jane Kenyon has been working in the personal development sector facilitating mind-set shifts and personal transformations with both adults and teenagers from all walks of life. Her passion for potential is contagious. After a successful corporate career in marketing and brand development, followed by 18 years as a serial entrepreneur, she is now on her third act as a social leader and game changer with a particular passion for empowering teenage girls –  the next generation of  female leaders and business women via her social enterprise ‘Girls Out Loud’.  Jane’s powerful speech was full of resonant messages around resilience, believing in yourself and treading your own path.

In her words – "be bold, be brave, be beautiful, but most importantly be you, because you are already enough and absolutely perfect just the way you are"

And finally, Sophie Turner Director of YES SHE CAN led a passionate closing session on helping women break their own career glass ceiling. YES SHE CAN inspire and encourage women to take the next step, put themselves forwards and have some underlying self-belief and want to break down the gender barriers and ensuring the opportunity landscape is an equal one regardless of gender. Delegates were left with the powerful message that believing in themselves and supporting each other is key to this.

I really enjoyed the conference last week. The speakers were amazing, yet again!”

“Thank you once again for a truly inspirational day. All speakers presented with a hint of vulnerability but a strong and loud message”


Thank you to all our wonderful speakers, and our fantastic delegates for engaging in the spirit of the day.

We look forward to planning the 2020 Female Leaders Conference for you!