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Learning Alliance

Core Offer Programmes

All academies from within the Greenwood Academies Trust have access to development opportunities via the core offer of professional development. The core offer is a range of professional development programmes for educational professionals working within the Greenwood Academies Trust provided for free. Additional CPD and training can also be accessed through the Learning Alliance where a small fee maybe applicable. (See Calendar of Events or the CPD booklet for more details)

For the academic year 2020-2021, we offer the following programmes:

  • Early Career Development Programme
  • RQT Development Programme
  • Middle Leadership Programme (MLP)
Primary Developing Teaching Programme (DTP) 


A professional development programme designed for improving teachers.

The participants will learn more about:

  • The key concepts underpinning consistently good (effective) practice in the classroom
  • Impact of the concepts on good teaching, learning and assessment
  • Delivering consistent practice
  • Using a range of learning activities, lesson observations and follow-up coaching
  • Self-assessing and auditing their teaching and learning, using this to deepen practice.

Suitable for

Primary teachers who need to develop their practice to ensure consistently good progress for pupils.

Content Includes

  • 4 academy based training days
  • Opportunities to see up to date exemplification of good teaching and learning
  • Seeing effective teaching and learning in practice
  • The opportunity to network with other peers and professionals for peer learning and support
  • Understanding of Teacher Standards
  • Led by experienced teachers,  leaders and facilitators
  • Self-evaluation and engage in impact evidence
Secondary Developing Teaching Programme (DTP) 


This is a bespoke coaching programme, centred around the teacher standards, to improve the quality of teaching across the academy and therefore pupils' progress. Coaches will receive training at a regional launch to ensure consistency of approach across academies.

Facilitated by experienced and current practitioners in each academy. The programme will be delivered through a triad model of support. Teachers will be given a named coach, who they will meet on a weekly basis. Coaches will provide professional development support to help teachers to improve their practice and therefore impact upon pupils' learning.

Suitable for

Secondary teachers who need to develop their practice to ensure consistently good progress for pupils.

Content Includes

The 6-week programme will include:

  • An initial self-assessment and skills audit with line manager
  • An assigned coach and mentor
  • Weekly meetings in triads to include task setting and bespoke action plans
  • Opportunities to observe best practice in academies
  • Completion of weekly tasks and collation of evidence base
  • Evaluation against teacher standards on completion
Middle Leadership Programme (MLP) 


A bespoke training programme to equip professionals with the initial core skills essential for coordinating and leading a small team.

All eligible leaders from each directorate will receive 2 days of core professional development training, centrally led by Senior leaders from within the Greenwood Academies Trust. 

Phase 1 will include:

  • What is leadership?
  • Building and leading teams
  • How to use a coach effectively
  • Leading in difficult times
  • Managing conflict
  • Accountability

A professional coach will be assigned to you as part of the programme and can be used throughout the remainder of the year

Phase 2 is relevant to Educational leaders who will receive a further 2 days plus engage in an academy improvement project. 

Phase 2 will include:

  • Challenging data and identifying key priorities
  • Monitoring and evaluating
  • Understanding your role within self-evaluation and Ofsted
  • Engage in an academy improvement project with impact evidence

Suitable for

Existing or aspirant Middle Leaders across the Trust who have or will have a responsibility for a department/subject/team


Phase 1

2 professional development days inclusive of coaching

Phase 2

A further 2.5 professional development days plus coaching

NQT Development Programme 


This programme will support both Primary and Secondary NQTs in developing their practice throughout the year that is additional to receiving their own academy mentor support. Facilitated by experienced and current practitioners, NQTs will be taken through a range of core areas of professional development that includes:

  • A dedicated NQT induction day and celebration day
  • 4 additional regional training days
  • Opportunities to see up to date exemplification of good and outstanding learning
  • The opportunity to network with other peers and professionals for peerlearning and support
  • Understanding of Teacher Standards
  • Led by experienced and outstanding teacher and facilitators
  • Self-evaluation and engage in impact evidence

Suitable for

Newly qualified teachers who have successfully received their QTS award

Content Includes

  • Safeguarding
  • AfL and understanding
  • Formative assessment
  • Positive behaviour management
  • Professional Behaviours
  • Inclusion for all
  • Building positive relationships
  • Using appropriate pedagogies to meet children’s needs
  • Reflection on impact and practice
RQT Development Programme 


This programme will support RQTs who have successfully completed their NQT development year and are now seeking further development. Over 3 training days RQTs will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop their own practice that is relevant to their key stage or subject
  • Visit other academies in the Trust to team teach or observe good practice
  • Engage in research and project development through gap tasks
  • Deepen their understanding of teaching standards
  • Self-evaluation and engage in impact evidence
  • Step into leadership

Suitable for

  • Primary and Secondary RQTs

(All NQTs who carried out the NQT development programme 2017/18 will be asked to attend as well as practitioners who join the Trust in Sept 2018 as RQTs)

Content Includes

  • Preparing and planning for your personal development
  • Whole academy assessment and moderation
  • Inclusion across the Trust
  • Education Support Partnership workshop
  • Learning to support and lead – stepping into middle management
  • Presentation of learning
Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) 


Following a launch in September 2018 to interest parties, applications for funding will be sought.  Once applications for additional funding have been accepted, the practitioner research projects will span over 10 - 12 weeks within the academies. During this time your outstanding practitioner will have access to:

  • 3 workshops for development of methodology and networking with other practitioners.
  • Coaching opportunities throughout the duration of the project.
  • Additional funding to run the projects to pay for resources, external agencies etc
  • Facilitated opportunities to visit other academies to share good practice and see the benefits of research on pupil outcomes.
  • Engaged practitioners will receive further training and development to become a part of a sustainable network of researchers that can continue to grow and support wider Trust research projects.

Suitable for

Outstanding practitioners, teachers and teaching assistants with a keen interest in practitioner research